Twenty-second government of Israel

Second Shamir Cabinet
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22nd Cabinet of Israel
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Date formed20 October 1986 (1986-10-20)
Date dissolved22 December 1988 (1988-12-22)
People and organisations
Head of stateChaim Herzog
Head of governmentYitzhak Shamir
Member partiesLikud
Shinui (until 26 May 1987)
National Religious Party
Agudat Yisrael
Status in legislatureCoalition Rotation government
Opposition leaderYuval Ne'eman
Legislature term(s)11th Knesset
Predecessor21st Cabinet of Israel
Successor23rd Cabinet of Israel

The twenty-second government of Israel was formed by Yitzhak Shamir of Likud on 20 October 1986. Shamir replaced Shimon Peres of the Alignment as Prime Minister as part of a rotation deal within the national unity coalition between the two parties.[1] The only other change to the coalition was that the one-seat Morasha faction was not included, with the National Religious Party, Agudat Yisrael, Shas, Shinui and Ometz remaining part of the government, although Shinui left on 26 May 1987.

The government held office until 22 December 1988, when the twenty-third government was formed, following the November 1988 elections.

Israeli government formation, 1986

← 1984 20 October 1986 1988 →
  Yitzhak Shamir (1980).jpg
Nominee Yitzhak Shamir Yuval Ne'eman
Party Likud Tehiya
Electoral vote 99 21
Percentage 82.5% 17.5%

Prime Minister before election

Shimon Peres

Elected Prime Minister

Yitzhak Shamir

Cabinet members

Position Person Party
Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir Likud
Acting Prime Minister (de facto Alternate) Shimon Peres Alignment
Deputy Prime Minister David Levy Likud
Yitzhak Navon Alignment
Minister of Agriculture Aryeh Nehemkin Alignment
Minister of Communications Amnon Rubinstein (until 26 May 1987) Shinui
Gad Yaacobi (from 9 June 1987) Alignment
Minister of Defense Yitzhak Rabin Alignment
Minister of Economics and Planning Gad Yaacobi Alignment
Minister of Education and Culture Yitzhak Navon Alignment
Minister of Energy and Infrastructure Moshe Shahal Alignment
Minister of Finance Moshe Nissim Likud
Minister of Foreign Affairs Shimon Peres Alignment
Minister of Health Shoshana Arbeli-Almozlino Alignment
Minister of Housing and Construction David Levy Likud
Minister of Immigrant Absorption Ya'akov Tzur Alignment
Minister of Industry and Trade Ariel Sharon Likud
Minister of Internal Affairs Yitzhak Peretz (until 6 January 1987) Shas
Minister of Justice Avraham Sharir Likud
Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Moshe Katsav Likud
Minister of Police Haim Bar-Lev Alignment
Minister of Religious Affairs Zevulun Hammer National Religious Party
Minister of Science and Development Gideon Patt Likud
Minister of Tourism Avraham Sharir Likud
Minister of Transportation Haim Corfu Likud
Minister without Portfolio Moshe Arens (4 September 1987 - 18 April 1988) Likud
Mordechai Gur (from 18 April 1987) Alignment
Yigal Hurvitz Ometz
Yitzhak Moda'i Likud
Yitzhak Peretz (from 25 May 1987) Shas
Yosef Shapira Not an MK
Ezer Weizman Alignment
Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Office Roni Milo (until 21 November 1988) Likud
Deputy Minister of Agriculture Avraham Katz-Oz Alignment
Deputy Minister of Defense Michael Dekel (until 21 November 1988) Likud
Deputy Minister of Finance Adiel Amorai Alignment
Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Rafael Pinhasi Shas


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