List of airports in Israel

List of airports in Israel is located in Israel
Tel Aviv - Ben Gurion
Tel Aviv - Ben Gurion
Eilat - Ramon
Eilat - Ramon
Eilat - Uvda
Eilat - Uvda
Eilat - J.Hozman
Eilat - J.Hozman
Haifa - U.Michaeli
Haifa - U.Michaeli
Tel Aviv - Sde Dov
Tel Aviv - Sde Dov
Fik Airfield
Fik Airfield
Be'er Sheva - Teyman
Be'er Sheva - Teyman
Herzliya Airport
Herzliya Airport
Rosh Pina-Ben Ya'akov
Rosh Pina-Ben Ya'akov
Ein Yahav Airfield
Ein Yahav Airfield
Bar Yehuda Airfield
Bar Yehuda Airfield
Mitzpe Ramon Airport
Mitzpe Ramon Airport
Yotvata Airfield
Yotvata Airfield
Kiryat Shmona Airport
Kiryat Shmona Airport
Jerusalem - Atarot
Jerusalem - Atarot
Map of Israeli airports

This is a list of airports in Israel, Jerusalem and the Golan Heights sorted by types of airport.


International airports

Currently there are three international airports operational in Israel, all managed by the Israel Airports Authority. Ben Gurion Airport serves as the main entrance and exit airport in and out of Israel. Ramon Airport being the second largest airport serves as the primary diversion airport for Ben Gurion Airport, while Haifa Airport also has a military base alongside its civilian terminal.

Airport name ICAO IATA City served Location Founded
Ben Gurion Airport
(Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion)
LLBG TLV Tel Aviv and Jerusalem[1] Lod, Central District 1937
Haifa Airport LLHA HFA Haifa Haifa, Haifa District 1934
Ramon Airport
LLER ETM Eilat Be'er Ora, Southern District 2019

Unscheduled domestic airports

There are two other airports managed by the Israel Airports Authority, but have no scheduled flights.

Airport name ICAO IATA City served Location Founded
Herzliya Airport LLHZ Herzliya Herzliya, Tel Aviv District 1948
Rosh Pina Airport LLIB RPN Rosh Pinna Mahanayim, Northern District 1943

Private airstrips

There are about 14 other airstrips across Israel and the Golan Heights, which are mostly used privately or for flight trainings.

Airstrip name ICAO IATA Location Founded
Arad Airfield LLAR Arad, Southern District N/A
Bar Yehuda Airfield LLMZ MTZ Masada, Southern District 1963
Be'er Sheva Teyman Airfield LLBS BEV Be'er Sheva, Southern District 1950s
Ein Shemer Airfield LLES HDA Ein Shemer, Haifa District 1945
Ein Vered Airfield LLEV Ein Vered, Central District N/A
Ein Yahav-Sapir Airfield LLEY EIY Sapir, Southern District 1970
Fik Airfield LLFK Afik, Northern District 1981
Habonim Airfield LLBO Habonim, Haifa District N/A
Kiryat Shmona Airport LLKS KSW Kiryat Shmona, Northern District N/A
Megiddo Airfield LLMG Megiddo, Northern District 1942
Mitzpe Ramon Airfield LLMR MIP Mitzpe Ramon, Southern District N/A
Rishon LeZion Airfield LLRS Rishon LeZion, Central District N/A
Tnuvot Airfield LLTN Tnuvot, Central District N/A
Yotvata Airfield LLYO YOT Yotvata, Southern District N/A

Military airbases

All military airbases are owned by the Israeli Air Force.

Airbase name ICAO IATA Location Founded
Hatzerim Airbase LLHB Be'er Sheva, Southern District 1966
Hatzor Airbase LLHS Hatzor Ashdod 1942
Nevatim Airbase LLNV VTM Nevatim, Southern District 1947
Ramat David Airbase LLRD Ramat David, Northern District 1937
Ramon Airbase LLRM Mitzpe Ramon, Southern District 1978
Sdot Micha Airbase Sdot Micha, Jerusalem District N/A
Tel Nof Airbase LLEK Rehovot, Central District 1941
Uvda Airport
LLOV VDA Uvda region, Southern District 1982


Israel's only spaceport, also has a military airbase alongside the spaceport. Traffic is restricted by the Israeli Air Force. It is also managed partially by the Israel Space Agency.

Airbase/Spaceport name ICAO Location Founded
Palmachim Airbase LL59 Palmachim, Central District 1963

Closed airports

Airport name ICAO IATA City served Location Founded Closed
Atarot Airport
LLJR JRS Jerusalem Jerusalem, Jerusalem District 1918 2001
Eilat Airport
(Eilat-J. Hozman)
LLET ETH Eilat Eilat, Southern District 1949 2019
Sde Dov Airport
(Tel Aviv-Sde Dov)
LLSD SDV Tel Aviv Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv District 1937 2019

By passenger numbers


  • El Al at Ben Gurion Airport

    El Al at Ben Gurion Airport

  • Aerial view of Ben Gurion Airport

    Aerial view of Ben Gurion Airport

  • Terminal of Ramon Airport

    Terminal of Ramon Airport

  • Test launch 1996 from Palmachim Airbase

    Test launch 1996 from Palmachim Airbase

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Israeli Airports
  • Tel Aviv–Ben Gurion
  • Eilat–Ramon
  • Masada
  • Be'er Sheva
  • Ein Shemer
  • Ein Yahav
  • Fik
  • Haifa
  • Herzliya
  • Kiryat Shmona
  • Megiddo
  • Mitzpe Ramon
  • Rosh Pina
  • Hatzerim
  • Ein Shemer
  • Hatzor
  • Megiddo
  • Ramat David
  • Ramon
  • Nevatim
  • Tel Nof
  • Ovda
  • Eilat-J. Hozman
  • Jerusalem
  • Tel Aviv-Sde Dov
  • Yotvata